Mirror Weekend – Daily Mirror

Indian-born Mamta, the latest recruit to the hard-hitting BBC hospital drama Casualty, is in turmoil....

Despite being one of Britain’s most talented young stars – already a winner of the prestigious Cannes TV Festival Best Actress award – Mamta is on the verge of quitting....

Her role in last year’s award winning Shalom Salaam, as a Moslem girl who falls in love with a Jewish boy, caused outrage in her community because of the love scenes between the two. Script changes were made so that Mamta, 28, would not be seem naked - but her family still strongly disapproved....

“but I love acting. It’s my life.” Working on Casualty has been a joy for Mamta, but nevertheless nerve wracking. “The make-up is so realistic it makes me feel sick,“ she laughed.

Sunday Times

The best thing about it, though, is the performance of Mamta Kaash, the devout Muslim girl at the centre of things. Kaash has a confident way with dialogue that few Asian actresses have yet had the opportunity to master, and she can do some tricks with her oceanic brown eyes that render speech redundant.

The Listener

...a strong cast respond convincingly, particularly Mamta Kaash, an Angels graduate, as the umpteenth lawyer lead in the last six months. This significant dramatic venture is like its Wednesday night predecessors, in danger of being crushed by the BBC1 and ITV competition.

The Times

Shalom Salaam was completed last year, in time to win awards at the Cannes International Television Festival for best actress – a sensitive and sympathetic performance by Mamta Kaash – and best screenplay.

The Guardian

...but in the first episode anyway, Jones looks as though he might be able to move beyond worthyness if only because he is already coaxing a beautifully modulated performance from Mamta Kaash as Mumtaz, who took the best actress prize a Canne. At this stage you can't rule out a total collapse into sentimentality, but give it a changce, and do watch Ms Kaash.